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Chiefs fans have been waiting since the season ended for further coaching staff moves to shake up the process.Cheap NFL Jerseys. Andy Reid said he wanted to give himself time after the Chiefs postseason loss to the Tennessee Titan before making any decisions, which is understandable for someone to want to let the emotions of the moment die down.Wholesale Jerseys. However, it seems that Reid never even really considered the one option most fans are asking for, if we are to take Reid at his word.


There are multiple teams that make sense to whom the Kansas City Chiefs could trade starting quarterback Alex Smith this offseason. Among them are the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and maybe a couple of more teams.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Kansas City should have the opportunity to get a decent return on trading him but they may also want to look at teams in the NFC.


Smith had a fantastic season for the Chiefs this year, the best of his career. Consequently, there is not a better time to try to trade Smith on the open market then this offseason.Cheap Hockey Jerseys. Another thing the team would have going for them is that there are rarely many good quarterbacks available. The one quarterback on the market this offseason that could make things harder on Kansas City is Kirk Cousins.Jerseys For Sale.